2023 ACT Rewards Day

Congrats to the members the class of 2023 that improved their scores on the ACT! Today we recognized students based on their overall composite score as well as how many points they gained between the junior ACT administration and the ACT senior administration.  Seniors received a hoodie, sweatshirt, or t-shirt based upon their level of achievement. Seniors received a personalized key chain with their number of points gained. Here's the full list:

7 points:

Jayln Jones

6 points:

Ryan Reid

5 points:

Noah Cline
Jaden Keele
Jacob Stapleton

4 points:

Kayleigh Carter
Alex Crane
Austin Finley
Elijah Johnston
Elijah Lambert
Emily Meek
Christopher Meeks 
Reese Sisk
Laura Lee Whitley

3 points:

Conner Clapp
Steven Clayton
Karl Davila
Brayden Lilienthal
Jamal Stiger

2 points:

Alivia Bullock
Chase Burks
Autumn Coy
Rebekah Currie
Roland Jackson
Kayla Mast
Jillian White

1 point:

Laci Alexander
Jacob Bowles
Macy Brown
Tyler Cart
Kaitlyn Crewse
Ariana Ditty
Destiny Edwards
Braxton Enzor
Hayley Finley
Josh Ginn
Joseph Holmes, Jr.  
Chloe Howard
Hayden Hunt
Bailey Leckner
Logan Luckett
Emily Lumpkin
Tommy Milligan
AJ Murphy
Winter Nance
Leah Grace Owens
Gracie Smith
Hayden Tucker
Brandon Underwood 
Kaylie Williams
Shane Williams
Madison Wilson

Hoodie recipients (30+ ACT)

Macy Brown
Hayden Tucker

Sweat Shirts (25-29 ACT)

Laura Lee Whitley
Chase Burks
Alex Crane
Eli Lambert

Long-Sleeve T-shirts(21-24 ACT)

Jacob Stapleton
Karl Davila
Braxton Enzor
Austin Finley
Nicholas Franks
Eli Johnston
Christoper Meeks
Jacob Stapleton
Jillian White